Summary of Services

Occupational Medicine

  • Pre (and Post) Employment Physicals –
        Catered to your requirements!
         Examples: hearing, color/near & far
         vision, EKG, weight lifting, vital signs,
         chest x-ray, immunization updates,
         history & physical exam, etc.
  • Urine Drug Screen (UDS) and Breath
         Alcohol Test (BAT)
  • DOT Exams (Non Federal)
  • Customized Health Fairs and Wellness
  • On-site Random drug testing available

Workman Compensation Claims

  • Prior Contracting not necessary, we take
          all WorkmanCompensation Claims
  • Employer provides specific requirements
           regarding UDS, BAT and light duty
  • Aggresive back to work policy
  • Follow up on Referrals, treatments, and
            coordination of care

Digital X-Ray services on-site

• Best prices in townfor the non-insured patient!

     Results are faxed to your primary care


Full Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

          available for injuries

• Including but not limited to the following:

     canes, crutches, wrist braces, walkers,

     knee braces, shoulder immobilizers,

     walking boots and ankle braces.

Other Services

• Minor surgical procedures: Laceration repair –
     immunization update

• Splinting an extremity = refer to Ortho or
     DME if applicable

• Respiratory Breathing Treatments

• Health fairs and Wellness programs

• Trigger point injections and Osteopathic
      Manipulation Treatment (OMT)

See our Brochure or call for Special Requests
We will be happy to answer all your questions
Feel free to call and set up an account!

Download forms   —   Workmen’s Compensation Information (pdf)
                                         Pre-Employment Physicals/Drug Screens (pdf)
                                         DOT Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination
 We will be happy to send cards and brochures upon request

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